Human Trafficking Documentary from IHOP-KC: Nefarious Documentary

One of the ministries here (Exodus Cry) at the IHOP-KC missions base is and has been in production of a full-length documentary on Human Trafficking from a perspective that has not yet been seen. Many of us have seen the Human Trafficking movie that aired on television as well as the Feature Film Taken that brought the issue to even more audiences, although a little glamorized and a little hollywood flare added for dramatic affect. However, most have not seen the slavery that is going on in the world as this documentary will unveil.

I was able to experience first hand the injustice that is happening in Southeast Asia on a missions trip to Thailand and Cambodia last summer. This film will bring into the light the many injustices that have been in the darkness for so long. Check it out.

Nefarious Trailer from Exodus Cry on Vimeo.

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